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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  September 18, 2015 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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some rowdy sports fans decide they want to trash this town. >> what set off the full-on street riot. that kid's about to get an epic surprise when a man -- >> walks up right behind him. >> the story behind one touching reunion. >> this almost brings tears to my eyes. it's a video that -- >> sets fire to the internet. >> what inspired the song you will never get out of your head. plus bonus giveaway day means your chance at a new ipad
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mini or a flat screen tv. and the five stages of snooping on your boyfriend's phone. see one girlfriend's journey of skill and determination. >> or crazy. football versus football. which is better? and i have to be honest, i'm going to football. the american football. for one very particular reason. football fans. this comes to us from the netherlands where fans with for part of the europa league was going to play in this game. the fans wanted to get a bit rowdy. these guys decide we want to make our presence known and they do real quick. as they come through they look like a roving gang. then they start picking up chairs and throwing it at the patrons who just start scattering left and right. >> did someone tell the
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revolution is long over? >> i hate this behavior. these people are guests in this country but they decide they want to trash this town. you see everybody there starts running away. the guy with the camera starts running away. >> this defies all logic. regardless of which way you try to look at it, it's just so stupid. >> the holligans moved their way through that cafe heading into the center of this square. you even saw there someone threw a flare as well. then you see a police van show up and then we have another angle where dozens of police try to control this crowd, get them out, get them under control. all for a football game which ironically they won 3-0. >> it's difficult to comprehend the magnitude of stupidity. i would never invite this football team back to our town. there's a stray dog i've been feeding underneath this
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van. i'm trying to get him to trust me. >> this man at first thinks it is a doberman he is feeding. but even though this dog is thin, it's a rottweiler. he's been feeding this dog for two months but this dog has been skittish and shy. >> here, boy. come here, boy. oh, here he comes. here he comes. look at those eyes. >> he's trying to get this dog's trust because he wants to get this dog some medical attention. >> get his eyes taken care of. oh, here he comes. oh, good boy. >> he also wants to either adopt the dog himself or find the dog another forever family. >> took about two months to get him to trust me. >> the man eventually got the dog from out under the car. and he does seem to trust the man. but the man said he tried to put him in his little hybrid two door and the dog wasn't having any of it. so he called a friend of his to
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bring a van where they could take the seat out so they can transport the dog to the vet. we did put in a call to the man who posted this video because we want an update on this dog and find out what the outcome will be in this case. this is ridiculous. >> this video demonstrates exactly what this new internet trend is. brian from real man poen youtube channel, you see him wearing a camera and walking out to s.w.a.t. team members. they're demanding him to slowly walk backwards. >> tell me what's going on. >> nothing. >> >> this whole thing is a hoax. brian did nothing wrong. the dispatchers got a phone call saying that there was a hostage situation at this house. they make a phone call through some sort of different phone channels that can't be traced and that's what gets the police to this guy's house.
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brian saw it happening to some other people in his chat room. you see officers now walking by and over to another police car. they've got the s.w.a.t. van out there. brian is clearly uncomfortable. >> the website i video cast on has had a rash of people having s.w.a.t. teams coming to their house. someone's doing jokes. >> the police are being kind to him and trying to make him as comfortable as possible, but they still have to work all this out for themselves and make sure he's telling the truth and that there is no real threat at his house. he says this is the first time a s.w.a.t.'ing has been caught on camera. >> this is dangerous. you're telling them they're going into an armed situation which means people could get shot. now you're tying up s.w.a.t. teams from any other situations that could be happening in the town. now some idiot on the internet is at home giggling eating his bag of chips because he thinks it's funny. >> we're going to have to keep the camera off of you.
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okay? it's time to give away another ipad mini. today a bonus day. a flat screen tv as well. >> you need to enter the buzzword, be at least 18, and a legal u.s. resident. >> stand by for the rtm ipad mini giveaway. both people in these were knocked off their feet. this handsome young fella turn 13d recently. he's at a gas station there. a man walks up right behind him and you're thinking, what's up? it turns out that's his dad who just showed up to surprise him because he had missed his 13th birthday. dad's cracking up. the boy's mom and dad have been co-parenting since they divorced in 2006. but they say they've tried to
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work together to make this the best possible experience for their son. i think you can see that they're doing a really good job. just based on this video. >> thank your momma for this. >> this almost brings tears to my eyes to see parents try to work it out like this. these divorced parents are trying to make the kid first. that's beautiful. >> it really is. dad also drove five hours to come see his son because he works off shore. >> those five seconds were worth the five hours he drove. just right there. in this next video, we're celebrating dad's 60th birthday. he's about to get a surprise party. [ yelling ] >> that surprise knocked him off his feet. >> that is perfect. >> it's like he physically hit a wall of sound. bam! and he's out the door. >> he gets back up, he's a little shaken up. obviously surprised at the surprise. >> that's the best surprise
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we've seen in a long time. >> it's so sweet. >> i'm sorry. it's the wife versus the other woman. see who loses a finger. >> oh! >> go after the cheating husband. >> the finger fight. next. paddle borders spot killer whales on the hunt. >> they're in the distance. >> are they? >> they're not. see why on "right this minute." . rich dark chocolate... . york peppermint pattie. get the sensation. daddy! lets play! sorry kids. feeling dead on your feet? i've been on my feet all day. dr. scholl's massaging gel insoles have a unique gel wave design for outrageous comfort that helps you feel more energized. dr. scholl's. feel the energy! okay! fun's over.
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this isn't lactose. it's milk. you may need a little help aftfalling try new unisom sleepminis™ to get a good night's sleep and wake recharged. unisom sleepminis™. a stressful day deserves a restful night. hell hath no finger like a woman scorned. somebody caught a fight between four women on video. according to observers, one woman recently found out that her husband was having an affair. she was walking in this town in
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naples, italy. saw the woman and a fight began. you could see hair pulling, screaming, scratching. the woman in the white shirt, she appears to be the wife, the scorned woman. the woman in the black, the mistress. the mistress gets away, but the wife pursues. >> oh, my gosh. >> she catches up with the woman. she pushes that woman up against the wall. authorities say the wife bit the finger off of the alleged mistress. >> oh! >> no! >> go after the cheating husband. >> especially because you don't know if the poor mistress knew anything about the guy being married. you don't know what kind of misinformation this guy's been fe feeding her. >> you see an emergency vehicle is not far behind. according to reports, no word on whether or not the finger was able to be reattached but the woman was taken to the hospital after this happened.
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security cameras caught a violent robbery attempt in brazil. here you see two masked men going into a shop that sells lottery tickets. the owner of the shop was not having it. he fights these men on his own. you see him tussling. he repels the men out of the store. they jump into the car. that's where authorities found the car later on, on a dirt road burning. >> they went for shock and awe and he brought it back to them. >> according to local media reports, this is the second attempt at a robbery at the same place in a week. >> time to up security. what was the song of the summer? it wasn't rihanna. it wasn't kanye west. it was nicklas frazen. ♪ why the [ bleep ] you lying ♪ why you lying ♪ oh my god ♪ stop your [ bleep ] lying >> if you haven't been spending any time on vine, this loop has
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set fire to the internet. it's a cover of "too close" by next. ♪ why you always lying >> about 20 days ago we're at 35 million loops. people have taken it and applied it to all everyday pop culture moments. like "titanic." >> i'll never let go, jack. ♪ why you always lying ♪ my god ♪ stop your [ bleep ] lying >> i wonder if you know i know you're lying right now. >> on his youtube channel, he's created a full length video. already over a million views. and it's just, well, four minutes of the same thing. >> i don't get this one bit. >> it's funny. ♪ i'm going to keep on lying to you ♪ >> people are eating it up.
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he decided to keep it going. ♪ girl i know you felt it ♪ you know you can't help it >> and i'm not lying. he can't sing. >> just goofing around with his buddies. it's nicklas's fault why this is turning up all over the internet. thanks. i think it's hilarious. the paddle board has become a new, fun pastime for a lot of people. you get out there, stand up, get a new perspective on the water. these folks in british columbia, canada, were out there paddling around. in the distance they noticed a pod of whales. they noticed they were orcas. and the or kas are on a hunt. but they soon vanish beneath this video. >> they're far off in the distance. you can just stay there and watch them. >> are they? >> oh. oh. >> the water around the paddle border begins to boil.
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the orcas continuing their hunt chasing their quarry right beneath the board. he crashes down and holds on. >> i would have just hugged that thing. belly down hugging that thing for dear life. >> you do not want to fall into the water during an orca hunt. just a cool upclose look at orcas. this scene not from the next edition of sharknado but it looks like it. it's a sky full of sharks. look at that. this diver down on the bottom of the sea floor there looks back up with his camera and gets, like, a cloud of sharks just circling above him. >> when you don't want to ascend. i've got enough air to stay down here for longer. i'm good. >> and even if i run out, i'll hold my breath. it's cool. no worries. a wedding invitation 65 million years in the making. >> do the sound! >> see the vid you on the next
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i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] being free from dandruff feels great. maximum strength selsun blue targets dandruff, wiping out flakes and itch. selsun blue. freedom from dandruff. what's better than beer pong? >> nothing. >> king size supersized nfl beer pong. basically you throw a football to the other side, land it in one of those big red containers. the rules of how you drink are the same. >> weird how the british guys selected american football instead of soccer. but okay. >> throw the ball. >> beer pong is a gham you really don't need to win it. >> the winning is the taking
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part, let's be honest. >> and just as predicted, the other guys are doing really, really well. they're just landing those throws in the tubs. >> wow. >> things aren't looking very good for the patriot and 49er over here. halfway through the game they start landing their shots. and now they only have one barrel left on each side. who's going to win? >> so close. >> down to that last play, man. >> the other guys miss too. >> is it sudden death? >> 49er takes the shot. >> oh! >> oh, wow. kaepernick wins the super bowl. >> and now let's all celebrate by drinking more. yea! if you have a pet sometimes they'll lick you like your dog,
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sometimes a cat, sometimes a bison. >> what? >> oh, gosh. she just threw the entire loaf out the window. close the darn window. >> carolyn just posted this video recently although it was shot back in march 37 she said she and her sister and her sister's two sons decided to go to the olympic game farm in washington because they needed a fun day out and this bison gave them a show. >> you know, the only thing we're not getting from this video is how terrible this must smell as well. >> i have been close to a bison christian and you are right. not attractive. but this next video will capture your heart. what we have here, the 8-month-old and her kitty. they're taking a nap. come on. >> this is massive cuteness. >> that is unreal. >> that is kryptonite to parents. >> do whatever you want. it's fine.
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>> it's kryptonite to me. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to answer you're going to need the buzzword, need to be at least 18 years of age and a legal u.s. resident. >> and head over to and click on win ipad. so let's reveal friday's buzzword. it's quarter. >> so head over to and click on the button and enter the buzzword quarter. that's q-u-a-r-t-e-r. >> and you'll want to enter today because today is bonus today. today one of two winners will win a flat screen tv. so good luck, everybody. phone goes down on the table -- >> and then it begins. >> see girls snooping on their gu
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okay, ladies. honest answer to this question. have you guys ever snooped your fella's phone? >> yes. >> you have? >> the truth is, yes. >> and gayle you've never done it. christian you may identify with these stages? the five stages of when you snoop on your man's phone. this video from elite daily has a girl hanging out with her boyfriend and her bff. they're on the sofa with him. >> what's so funny? >> nothing. something i'm reading on my phone. i'm going to go hop in the shower. >> puts his phone on the table and then it begins. >> i wish i had someone.
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>> i bet you he's talking to that bow legged girl from his office cindy. >> stage one, the suspicion. >> just because he didn't explain why he was laughing. >> what's he hiding, gayle! >> i have a right to know if he's cheating on me. >> stage two, you have to get into the phone. welcome to the guessing game. >> i don't know his password. >> try his birthday. >> he's definitely hiding something. >> what's with these people? >> because you guys trust each other. >> that shady [ bleep ]. >> after a few guesses she's in. but then she opens up stage three, the deep dive. the black hole of the phone. now you have to analyze everything. >> who's fred? why am i not mentioned? he definitely has tinder on here somewhere. >> this a bad. >> then at the end of the black hole, there's this light at the end of the tunnel because -- >> he told his mom i'm the most beautiful girl he's ever seen. >> which sends up stage four. guilt trip. >> i'm a bad girlfriend for
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going through his phone. >> but the bff is there. then stage five, the coverup. was it on the left? on the right? face up? face down? >> it was face down. >> [ bleep ]. >> if you're going to be sneaky, accidentally knock it down. you don't have to destroy it. >> it's all right. i'll go wipe it off with another towel. good-bye, everybody. we'll see you on the next "right good-bye, everybody. we'll see you on the next "right this minute." -- captions by vitac -- are more likely to have a to frsuccessful future.e born talking and reading to children in their first years has a huge impact on what they do with the rest of their lives. the fewer words they hear, the greater their chances of dropping out of school and getting into trouble.
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a suspect refuses police commands to -- >> stop stop stop. and then -- >> the moment the talking stops and the shooting starts. what i have here is an infrared beam. >> a photographer sets up an elaborate camera system. how it paid off with some amazing portraits. the dog in that cage really -- >> wants to get out. >> what happens when a hero comes along? plus it's bonus giveaway day with your chance at a new ipad mini or a flat


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